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Frequently asked questions

How safe is my bag?
Your bag is sealed on collection with a security seal and transported under surveillance until handed over to the airline. The security seal number will be given to you for your control and inspection on your arrival.
How long in advance must I book the collection service?
You have to have a booking for your collection service at least 4 hours before your departing flight. The service must be booked no later that 10 hours before the collection time.
Can I book more than one bag?
You are allowed the number of bags in accordance with the airline's baggage allowance and your class of travel or your status with the airline’s frequent flyer programme. You may in certain cases pool bags for the family on the same booking. Please check with your airline before making a booking.
What about over-sized bags?
We can only collect bag in accordance to the allowance approved by the airline. Over-sized bags must be cleared with the airline before collection. There may be a charge for the special sized item.
Will they weigh my bag on collection?
Your bag will be weighed at collection and the weight must be within the limits of the airline allowance. Any overweight bags may or may not be accepted or charged in accordance with the airline rules.
Which airline partners do you work with?
We deal with Air France and KLM at the moment.
How does the process work?
You or your agent make the bag collection service booking online ( and we will dispatch a vehicle to collect the bag. On collection a security process will be followed as in agreement with the airline and SA Civil Aviation Authority.

The bag(s) will then be transported under strict security conditions to the airport for handing over to the airline. The airline will then check-in your bag onto your flight.
What to expect when the BagPortr driver arrives?
You will be notified of the driver’s arrival, please ensure that you have checked-in onto your flight prior to his/her arrival. The driver will ask if you have checked-in, take a picture of your passport, security seal the bag and load it into the vehicle for transportation to the airport.

You will receive a notification of the bag collection once collected and a notification once the airline has accepted the bag at the check-in counter.

You will receive your airline bagtag before you board the aircraft.
What happens to my bag after collection?
The bag will be taken to the airport or stored in a secure place if the flight is much later. The bag will be handed in at the airline counter at least 2 hours before the flight departure.
Where do I collect my bag?
You collect your bag at your destination, it will be delivered on the baggage carousel.
Must I go to the check-in counter?
You do not have to go to the airline check-in counter once you have handed your bag(s) to BagPortr. You can go directly to the boarding gate or the lounge.
Where do I get my airline luggage tag?
You do not have to go to the airline check-in counter, you can go directly to the boarding gate or the lounge, your bag tag will be handed to you at the boarding gate.
What documentation is required on collection?
You need to show us your passport/ID and the check-in confirmation. The driver will take a picture of your passport/ID.
Can I check-in other passenger’ bags?
You can check-in bags for passengers on the same booking. You may not check-in bags on behalf of 3rd parties.
Must I be present at time of collection?
Yes, at least one of the passengers must be present at the time of collecting the bag(s). We still require the passports/ID’s of all the other passengers that are not present.
Can I check a bag in for someone else?
No, you can only check-in the bags for passengers that are on the same booking. Passengers on another booking must be present at the time of collecting their bag(s).
How do I keep track of my bag?
You will be sent a sms for the collection of your bag with a BagPortr reference number. The sms will contain details of you collected bag. Once the airline has checked-in your bag you will be able to collect the bagtag at the time of boarding the aircraft.
Can I get a refund for cancelling the baggage collection service?
You can get a refund if the service is cancelled in accordance with the BagPortr Terms & Conditions. Penalties and admin fees may apply. Please familiarise yourself with the T&C’s before making the booking.
Can you collect the bag from anywhere?
The BagPortr collection service is offered to passengers within a radius of 60km from the airport. The bag can be collected from your home, hotel or any address with the specified radius.
What happens if my bag is not on the flight?
We will ensure that your bag is on the same flight, however if we are unable to deliver the bag on time, due to unforeseen circumstances, then we will arrange with the airline to send your bag on the first available flight. Please refer to our Term & Conditions.
Will the driver wait for me?
The driver will wait for 15 minutes and then leave, you will have to rebook your baggage collection service should you not be available at the arranged collection time. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for the fees and penalties.